Please remember that you are making a commitment when you volunteer - we are counting on you to show up for your shift or send someone in your place.

Please take a moment to review our volunteer guidelines prior to committing to a shift(s).

Your job duties will depend on the number of volunteers and where your help is needed. There is a maximum of 2 shifts per day (8 hours).  These shifts can fall on the same day, or different days.  Please so not sign up for a shift unless you are sure you can make it!

Please arrive 15 minutes before your shift begins in order to receive instructions. We especially need men to help with set-up and take down, to ensure that we have these important shifts filled an additional 5% over and above normal commissions will be added for these select shifts (earn 70-80% commissions); max commissions is 80%.

  • Volunteers get to shop FIRST on Thursday’s pre-sale.  You will receive your pre-sale pass during drop off. Please do not bring anyone who does not have their own pre-sale pass. 

  • Although you may select a specific job, we may need to move you around based on the number of volunteers we have. We will do everything possible to make sure you are not performing a task you are not comfortable with. For example if you have trouble walking, we will find you a sitting job etc.  Please understand that the shift descriptions are more for us to make sure we have enough coverage and not firm.

  • Please do not choose a Volunteer Shift and Drop-off/Pick-up time that OVERLAP. If you are volunteering we are counting on you to help at that time.

  • If you find it necessary to cancel or reschedule your shift and the sale has already started you must call 443-619-7748 within 24 hours of your shift.  Volunteers who do not call will not be allowed to register as a volunteer in future sales.  NO EXCEPTIONS! 

  • Please note - Volunteers that simply do not show up for their shift will be charged a $40 fee which will be deducted out of your commission check.

  • Volunteers are NOT permitted to bring children to their scheduled shift.  Thank you for understanding.