Pricing Guidelines

Price Like a Pro to Sell Like a Superstar

As a Wee-Cycle Mart consignor, you choose the price of your items. Pricing directly affects how much you will have to pick-up after the sale.

As a general “rule of thumb”, we recommend pricing items at 25 - 35% of the original retail price.  Prices start at $2.00 and increase in $.50 increments.  The system will not allow you to price an item less than $2.00.​


  • For items in excellent used condition with no signs of wear and tear the recommended pricing is a ⅓ of original retail cost.  For example, if the retail price of the item was $20.00 it’s recommended that you price the item at $6 or less

  • For items that are new with tags the recommended pricing is closer to ½ of original retail cost.  For example, if the retail price of the item was $20.00 it is recommended that you price the item at $10 or less

Take a look at our pricing guide to assist you and reference, as needed.  The pricing guide identifies how to take into consideration the brand and condition of your items when selecting a price.  The pricing guide also provides some quick pricing tips.


Wee-Cycle Mart wants to put $$$ in your pocket and for you to not have any items to take back home with you. Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering your pricing:

Just think, If shoppers are getting great bargains on quality items they will be likely to tell their friends and family.  The success of Wee-cycle Mart and YOUR sales depend on a good turnout of shoppers and if we give them the bargains they are looking for it will grow each year.  It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone!

Price items as if you were the buyer (not seller) - A great question to ask yourself is "What would I be willing to pay for this item?"

Price to sell - Don’t let your time and energy become wasted by not selling everything you put in the sale.  Price items you do not want to take back home with you on the lower end of the pricing scale.

Presentation matters - Look over your items carefully; they MUST be free of stains, picks, odor, missing buttons, etc. Also, run the iron quickly over each piece and take a little extra time to button all buttons, zip zippers, etc.

Do not let the 50% Off price affect the regular selling price you choose - That will make the regular selling price too high for consignment shoppers and the item will most likely not sell.

Bundle items - Package similar items together for a quicker sale.  For example, match a top with a bottom, similar theme/age books, pairs of socks, blankets or smaller toys, etc.

Should I Discount?

We ABSOLUTELY encourage you to participate in the 50% Off Day.

Our shoppers get excited about 50% off day and a lot of items sell that day.  Some shoppers that attend Friday and Saturday’s public sale even come back a second time just for 50% Off Day.

  • You can mark some or all of your items 50% off.  You choose which items to mark ½ off.  Ask yourself if you’d rather take something home or have the money. If money’s your answer, discount it.

  • We are not able to change the tags on Sunday so PLEASE consider checking the DISCOUNT button when you enter the items into the online system.  They will only be sold at 50% off if they did not sell on Thursday, Friday or Saturday at full price.

  • You, the consignor will still make the same commission split on the sold price on Sunday.  We do not pull anything off the floor on 50% Off Day.  

Items NOT marked with a red or black dot will be sold at full price on Sunday.