Prepping & Tagging


  • Scissors

  • Zip ties (8+ inch recommended)

  • Clear packing tape (NO Scotch Tape)

  • Painters tape (preferred) or masking tape

  • White cardstock, 8 ½ x 11, 60-67lb. (White ONLY - no colors) (copy paper will NOT be accepted) (Walmart)

  • Computer with Internet access and printer



The better they look, the better they sell!

  • Clothing must be in new or like-new, gently-loved condition and free from stains, signs of wear and tear, and/or other damage. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please don’t be offended if we find stains on an item, it happens to us all

  • Take time to wash and iron items, if needed

  • BUTTON all buttons, ZIP all zippers and TIE all Strings

  • Plastic hangers ONLY (no wire hangers allowed)

  • Place clothing on the hanger so that the hook forms a question mark (?) when looking at the front of the garment

Hanging Children’s and Juniors Clothing:

  • Use children’s plastic hangers for sizes 8 and below

  • User adult plastic hangers for sizes 10+ through juniors

Hanging clothing sets or multiples items:

  • Put each item on a seperate hanger and rubber band them together

  • Do not use safety pins or a tagging gun to connect the various pieces together as this can damage the garment causing it to become unsellable.

Hanging pants & skirts:

  • Use pant hangers if you have them (preferred)

  • If you don’t have pant hangers use 2” safety pins to attach garment to the hanger

    • ​Attach on top bar, with safety pins towards garment center to prevent sliding.Safety pins should go through BOTH WAISTBAND, back and front so the garment doesn't gape when hanging.

Hanging Maternity and Women’s Clothing:

  • Use adult plastic hangers for all sizes​


  • Shoes must be in new or like-new, gently-loved condition and FREE FROM DEBRIS, signs of wear and tear or other damage. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

  • Zip Tie pairs of shoes together (do not tie together by laces) - 8 or 10 inch zip ties work best (Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart are all good places to find zip ties)

  • Shoes that cannot be zip tied together can be placed in plastic/ziploc bag with the tag attached to the outside of the bag via packing tape.

  • Safety pin the tag to the laces

  • Must be CLEAN AND FREE FROM DEBRIS (using clorox wipes or magic erasers work wonders)

  • Package multi-piece toys and other items together using ziploc bags with clear packing tape and/or zip ties as necessary

  • Battery operated items MUST have working batteries

  • Books can be bundled together using ziploc bags (DO NOT put tag on inside of ziploc bag) or rubberbands.  DO NOT tie groups of books together with string or ribbon.

  • Games and boxed puzzles should be taped closed using (painters tape or masking tape) and non-boxed puzzles should be wrapped in clear saran wrap to avoid missing/loosing pieces.

  • Bedding sets for crib, toddler and twin MUST be packaged in the original bedding packaging or you can use the Ziploc BIG bags (Click here to buy Ziploc BIG Bags)


  • If the tag has fallen off, Wee-Cycle Mart will be unable to sell the item, or return them to you if unsold.

  • Do NOT put any markings of any kind on the right side of the tag!


Clothing Items:

  • Use a 2” safety pin or a tagging gun to secure the tag to the clothing. DO NOT use tape to secure tags to clothing. Place pin or barb in the shoulder seam of the item to prevent poking holes in the garment or if the item is delicate you can attach it through the sizing tag.

  • Attached your tag to the top right of the garment

Non-Large Ticket Items:

  • Attach the tag to these items securely with clear packing tape across the top third of the tag and do NOT place tape over the barcode.  Items containing small parts may be placed in a Ziploc-type bag with the tag taped on the top third of the tag to the outside of the bag.

Car Seats:

  • The sale ticket MUST display the manufactured on or expiry date in the item description line. Car seats must be manufactured after March 2016 (or 4 years old or less).



  • The sale ticket MUST display the manufactured on or expiry date in the item description line.  Cribs MUST be manufactured on or after June 28, 2012.

Booster Seats:

  • The sale ticket MUST display the expiry date in the item description line.  Booster seats CANNOT be expired.

Large Ticket Items:

  • All items on this list will require a Large Item Claim Ticket to be attached. Please print just one copy of each barcoded tag and bring it with you, loose, to drop-off.  At the sale we will attach it to the Large Item Claim Ticket that we provide.

Large Multi-Piece Items:

  • If your item has more than one item that goes with it (car seat/stroller combo, nursery furniture set, ect) you will enter each piece into the online tagging system separately. 

    • The first tag will have the price of the item (the price for the entire set)

    • The second, third, fourth… items tag will have a price of $0 and will be attached to the additional items.

    • Each tag will have different ITEM numbers.  We recommend that in the first item tag description line you enter the wording “Item 1 of 2” and in the second item tag description line you enter the wording “Item 2 of 2”.