• Sign up for a drop off time(s) through our online tagging system. Please note - when signing up for your drop off time you may need to select more than one time slot depending on how many items you are dropping off.  Plan for 30 min per every 200 items you are dropping off.

  • Bring your items to the sale at your designated drop off time.  Look for consignor drop-off signs that will indicate where you are to pull up to bring your items inside.  At Westminster ONLY you will be pulling inside the arena for drop off (look for the opened bays on the right front of the arena).

  • Check in with a volunteer at a drop off table generally by the front door - at this time you will sign your consignor agreement and receive your pre-sale passes.

  • The volunteer will then go through the process of carefully inspecting each of your items.  Please note - Inspection takes time so please be patient!  This is an important step in the process as Wee-Cycle Mart wants to ensure that we are providing our shoppers with quality items.  We reserve the right to reject any items that don't meet our standards during the check-in process.  Additional items may be pulled over the weekend.

  • As the volunteer approves your items, YOU will then place your items onto the sale floor in the appropriate locations.

    • There will be signs on tables and racks to assist you in determining the correct location for your items.  If you aren’t sure of where to place an item please ask a volunteer!

    • Clothing items should be placed on racks according to size.  Any clothing that has multiple sizes should always be placed in the lower size location.  For example, If you have an item that has a size of 10/12 please place your item in the size 10 location on the rack.


  • Pick Up is generally from 4:00p - 6:00p on SUNDAY, usually thru the front door but not always.  You will receive location specific pickup instructions during your drop off appointment. 

  • If you have an emergency please CALL or TEXT 443-619-7748

  • The sales through Sunday 3:30p will be uploaded into MyCM by 4p.  You can print your settlement report and bring the list of unsold items with you or access them from a smartphone.  If using a printed list be sure the cross off any items that were returned to you as unacceptable or donated items.  Please note that settlement reports that are printed prior to Sunday 4p will not reflect sales made on Sunday. We will NOT be able to print settlement reports on site.

  • You will need to go onto the sales floor and collect your items.

  • Take your items to a checkout table where a volunteer will make sure you’ve collected only your items.

Reminders About Pick-Up
  • Wee-cycle Mart is NOT responsible for lost or missing items after the sale. 

  • It is recommended that you do a double check, items are not always where they were dropped off or where they belong.  Look everywhere!  Items are moved constantly throughout the weekend.

  • Please bring bins, boxes, carts and racks with you as there will not be racks, carts or volunteers to carry things out for you. Feel free to bring helpers if necessary.

  • Anything left by accident or on purpose will be donated.

Tips For an Easier Drop-Off
  • We have a limited number of carts and rolling racks to assist you with dispersing your items to the sale floor after inspection.  If you have a cart, wagon or rolling clothing rack you may want to bring it with you!

  • Pre-Sorting your clothing items is a time saving measure that we highly recommend you take.  Sort your clothing by size and gender. This will save you time when you are dispersing your items on the sale floor.

  • While permitted, it is highly recommended that you do not bring the kids with you to drop off unless they are of age and temperament to assist you.