accepted items and guidelines

All items will be carefully inspected at drop off prior to going onto the sales floor.  We reserve the right to decline any items that do not meet our guidelines.

Items we cannot accept
  • Homemade clothing or homemade items, such as crocheted, knit, crafts, etc.

  • Clothing or items with inappropriate messages or photos

  • Women’s Lingerie and Sleepwear

  • Underwear (Unless NEW in original package)

  • Bra’s (Unless NEW with tags)

  • Bridal or wedding party dresses

  • Dance Costumes

  • VHS tapes, cassette tapes or computer software

  • Tube televisions

  • Drop-side cribs

  • Vacation / souvenir, event, concert, camp type, or holiday with year t-shirts and sweatshirts

  • Pacifiers, unless brand NEW in original package

  • Fast food toys and books

  • Items with promotional logos

  • Collectible figurines,vacation mementos

  • Single dishes, silverware, cookware or mismatched kitchen items (matching SETS accepted)

  • Large appliances

  • Large Exercise Equipment (treadmill, elliptical, gym systems, etc.)

  • Household bedding, including comforters, sheets, etc., unless brand NEW in original package

  • Open consumable items (baby lotion, diapers, etc.)

  • Non-Name Brand, Carnival-style or vending machine stuffed animals

  • Porcelain dolls

  • Items purchased from the “dollar store”

If you have any questions about acceptable items please feel free to email us at info@wee-cyclemart.com