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Carroll County VIRTUAL Sale

June 23 - June 27

virtual shoppers faqs

For up-to-date information on the event, previews and contest info visit our Facebook Event Page and click GOING.

  • This event will be a combination of LIVE sales on our Facebook page and our commentsold web store

  • New categories will be added every day of the event!

  • Sale category release schedule is TBD but there will be a specific time for Facebook LIVE & a specific time for web store each day.

  • Live Facebook Sales will have teaser items for sale from the categories being released that day and shoppers who are participating in the LIVE sale will have the ability to purchase those items on a first comment basis by commenting on the LIVE sale. 

  • Categories are made available to shop on our web store after the LIVE Facebook sale for that category has completed.

  • Once a category is released on the web store it will remain available for the duration of the sale event or until sold out.

  • Learn how to register to shop here and register to shop the sale here.

  • Shoppers will have 1 hour to complete their purchase else items in cart go back to the virtual 'sales floor'.

  • All items purchased by shoppers will be available for contact-less curbside pickup at 2025 Suffolk Road, Finksburg MD 21048 (conveniently located in the Tower Center right off Rt. 140) on Sunday, June 28 and Monday, June 29 by appointment after the sale has completed.  Shoppers will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule a pick up appointment.

  • 50% off sale day is Saturday, June 27.

Virtual consignor FAQs
  • Consignor registration is $10 for this event.  Register to consign here.

  • Drop off info:

    • Drop-off location is 2025 Suffolk Road, Finksburg, MD 21048 (conveniently located in the Tower Center off Rt. 140)

    • You will select a drop off appointment in the consignment software.  

    • Please bring your items in boxes/containers/bags that you can part with.  No boxes/containers/bags will be returned.

    • Sort clothing by size and gender

    • Sanitize all items prior to drop-off

    • During drop-off you will unload your items, fill out your consignor agreement and leave. No putting items on the sales floor!

    • Drop-off dates are Monday, June 15 - Tuesday, June 16 and there will be morning, afternoon and evening drop-off times.

Inspection info:

  • Items will be inspected by our staff as usual but you won't have to wait around!  

  • If an item is not accepted for this sale we will return it to you during your pickup appointment.

Category info:

Check here for what will be accepted at our virtual sale by clicking here.

Item Donations info:

  • All donated items will be donated after the sale to our friends at Helping Hands of America!

Volunteer info:

For this sale, we are unable to offer volunteer opportunities to our consignors and shoppers for this event. 

Commission info:

  • All consignors will earn 60% sales commission on their sales. 

  • Commissions over $1,000 will receive 70% commission.   

  • Consignor commission checks are paid within 2 weeks of the close of the sale.

  • Checks are sent via US Postal Service

Pick-up info:

  • Pick-up is June 30th only!

  • You will need to make an appointment in the consignment software to pick-up your leftover items.

  • Items will be sorted and waiting for you at your pickup time.  

  • Pick-up location is 2025 Suffolk Rd, Finksburg MD 21048