What to Sell:

  • MATERNITY CLOTHING—  All seasons accepted. No more than 10 pieces per consignor out of season unless they are new with tags.

  • CHILDREN’S CLOTHING— Clothing must be in excellent condition— no rips, tear, pilling or stains.  All brands accepted Sizes PREEMIE—CHILDREN's SIZE 20 (APPROPRIATE SEASONS PLEASE - Fall/Winter at Fall/Winter sale, bathing suits at Spring/Summer sale etc)  *** Children's Sizes 14 and larger must be NAME BRANDS only unless they are NEW WITH TAGS! No K-Mart, Walmart or Target on 14+ sizes without tags allowed, they just don't sell well. We reserve the right to remove non-name brands sizes 14+ from the racks at any time. We DO NOT accept shirts with advertising/vacation spots/websites etc.  BOUTIQUE BRANDS

  • JUNIORS CLOTHING—  Name brands only. Click here for a list of Junior brands and items we accept. No Adult Sizes.  Must be JUNIOR sizes only! Junior shoes are no longer accepted.  Please NO WALMART or TARGET brands unless new with tags.  No Misses sizes or brands accepted. 

  • PROM DRESSES, FORMAL DANCE DRESSES, CHRISTENING GOWNS, & HOLY COMMUNION DRESSES -  Prom gowns/dresses - current styles only.  Dry Cleaned if possible please!  No Adult Sizes.  No Wedding Party dresses allowed.   Must be prom worthy!

  • CHILDREN’S SHOES—must be in excellent condition and show little wear. No Junior/Adult Sizes.  

  • BOOKS, VIDEOS, CDs and DVDs—Children's books, original videos must be in original boxes, CDs and DVDs in good condition - check for scratches please!  

  • TOYS & GAMES—Must be in excellent condition.  Electronic toys requiring batteries must have new batteries. (Dollar Store has cheap batteries).  All toys and games must be in working order with no missing pieces. Please place all loose pieces in Ziploc bags and attach to toy. Gaming systems, outdoor toys, sandboxes, play kitchens, ride-on toys, Power Wheels, Little Tykes, wagons etc. accepted.  No stuffed animals unless they do something like Tickle Me Elmo.  No GRAB BAGS or FREE Fast Food Toys allowed. TOYS SELL WELL!! 

  • SNOW GEAR— snowsuits, sleds, skis, ice skates. FALL/WINTER SALE ONLY.

  • SUMMER GEAR— bathing suits, life jackets, pool and beach toys, etc.  SPRING/SUMMER ONLY.

  • BABY EQUIPMENT—  All baby related items such as high chairs, strollers (single, double, triple, umbrella), swings, bassinets, pack'n plays, boppies, bouncy chairs, exersaucers, activity mats, walkers, slings, blankets, bedding, bibs. Just about anything goes.  We WILL be selling diaper genies, diaper pails, potty training rings and little potties. HOWEVER, they MUST be clean! Please wash them thoroughly with a bleach solution. Any items which are not clean will not be accepted at drop-off.  Breast pumps - only the ones with replaceable parts are allowed.  LARGE BABY ITEMS DO VERY WELL!!!  DOUBLE STROLLERS ARE HOT!

  • BEDDING -  Must be Baby or Children's bedding SETS only! We do not accept diaper stackers, bumpers, pillow cases  etc by themselves!  Crib sheets are accepted but put several together for a $2 min. value. 

  • CAR SEATS— Your car seat must have been manufactured within the past five years. Please check for date stamped on bottom. No car seats with over head bars allowed.  It must not be subject to recall or have been in an accident. All seat covers and straps must be thoroughly cleaned. We ask that there be at least 9 months left on the expiration date to be fair to our shoppers. (6 months on infant bucket seats). Please enter date on tag in description.

  • FURNITURE— cribs, changing tables, bookshelves, toy boxes, toddler beds, table/chair sets, train tables.  Must be complete and assembled and must meet current safety standards.  (Please bring your tools to assemble). 

  • ROOM DECOR - must be for baby, kids or teens room. Lamps, pictures, wall hangings. etc. NO general home furnishings etc. 

  • SPORTS EQUIPMENT- bikes, roller blades, scooters, helmets, tennis rackets, bats, balls, gloves, cleats, karate uniforms etc. Must be in good condition. 

  • KIDS ARTS & CRAFT SUPPLIES including scrapbooking supplies for moms and kids!


  • DANCEWEAR —dance shoes, leotards, dance costumes, gymnastics attire,  etc.

  • HALLOWEEN COSTUMES—Must be clean and in excellent condition.  FALL/WINTER SALE ONLY.

  • WINTER COATS AND JACKETS—Must be clean and in excellent condition.  Check for working zippers and missing buttons.    FALL/WINTER SALE ONLY.

  • Just about anything else related to Children.

  • Please note these are just suggestions, feel free to email us if you are not sure if your item if acceptable.
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