Please take a moment to review our volunteer guidelines prior to committing to a shift(s).

Your job duties will depend on the number of volunteers and where your help is needed. You may choose to work 4 or 8 hours.  These shifts can fall on the same day, or different days.  Please so not sign up for a shift unless you are sure you can make it! Remember, you will only get paid additional commission two 4-hour shifts for a total of 10% extra commission.  

Please arrive 15 minutes before your shift begins in order to receive instructions. We have lots of shifts available and you can take turns with a friend so you can watch her kids while she works and she can watch your kids while you work.  Then you can come shopping together!  We especially need men to help with set-up and take down. Consider working a shift with your husband!  We would really appreciate the help!

  • Volunteers get to shop FIRST on THURSDAY at 5:30pm (1 shift) or 5pm (2 shifts)

  • Consignors shop at 6pm.

  • New Moms and Guest with Pre-Sale Passes shop on Thursday at 7 pm.  

  • You can pick up your presale pass during drop-off or at the door but you may have to wait in line if you don't have your pass. Please do not bring anyone who does not have their own presale pass.  EXCEPTION: New Moms - your pass allows you AND a guest to enter- you do NOT need 2 passes - but they must enter with you to the sale. Example, if you want to bring your husband, you must get an extra pass for him by volunteering an extra shift.

  • Although you may select a specific job, we may need to move you around based on the number of volunteers we have. We will do everything possible to make sure you are not performing a task you are not comfortable with. For example if you have trouble walking, we will find you a sitting job etc.  Please understand that the shift descriptions are more for us to make sure we have enough coverage and not firm.

  • Please do not choose a Volunteer Shift and Drop-off Time that OVERLAP. If you are volunteering we are counting on your to help at that time.

If you need reschedule and the sale has not started yet, just remove yourself on-line and choose your new shift.  It is really hard for us to plan if you are selecting and then unselecting shifts! It's a good idea to have a back up plan to send a replacement, if there is an emergency - can mom or hubby come in your place? 

If you find it necessary to cancel or reschedule your shift and the sale has already started,  you must CALL 410-428-6199 within 24 hours of your shift.  Volunteers who do not call will not be allowed to register as a volunteer for the next season's sale. This is FIRM.  Without our volunteers our sale does not work! 

Volunteers are NOT permitted to bring children to their scheduled shift. Thank you for your understanding.

Please remember that you are making a commitment when you volunteer - we are counting on you to show up for your shift!!! 

Click here to Register to be a Volunteer!  
You will need to choose sale, then create an account and then you can register for your volunteer hours. You do not need to be a consignor to volunteer.
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