Volunteer Info - Get to SHOP first BEFORE everyone else!!!!!  

Earn extra commission and pre-sale privileges when you volunteer at Wee-cycle Mart!
Our Volunteers get to shop first to get the best selection because without our great volunteers, we would be unable to coordinate such an exciting event!  Thank you for taking the time to consider helping us with our sale!  Volunteering is fun and you'll meet other great moms just like you!

All 1 shift volunteers get to shop on Thursday night at 5:30pm. (1 1/2 hours before New Moms and Consignors)
All 2 shift volunteers get:
  •  2 passes to shop on Thursday night at 5pm. (2 hours before  - you will practically have the sale to yourself!)
  •  1 pass to shop Sunday 50% off day at 9am - 1 hour before we open the doors to the public!!!! 
All 3 shift volunteers get:
  • 3 passes to shop Thursday night at 5pm
  • 2 Passes to shop Sunday 50% off day at 9am

Volunteers are asked to provide at least 4 hours of their time.  
As a volunteer you would be assisting us in the following areas:
  • set up/taking down of racks/shelving, (we really need husbands to help with this!)
  • check-in items
  • working the door (taking food donations and admission fee)
  • organize & help customers during the sale
  • check out customers - (de-tagging, no handling money)
  • and other responsibilities as needed. 

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A CONSIGNOR TO VOLUNTEER! However, we do ask that if you are NOT consigning with us that you complete your volunteer SHIFT anytime Monday - Thursday BEFORE you shop the PRE-SALE or do you shift immediately AFTER shopping that night.   We have had issues with moms signing up to volunteer, shopping the pre-sale and NOT showing up to work their shift and this puts us in a VERY BAD place as we come up short handed, lines get long and people get angry with us for not having enough volunteers when we thought we had it covered.

To sign up as a volunteer, please REGISTER and you will have the option to schedule your preferred shift online.  You will not have to register as a consignor if you do not want to. 

Don't forget that husbands can sign up to help too.  We have several volunteer opportunities for MEN and we are in need of filling those volunteer slots.  Duties may include set up of racks, security, and other duties as needed!  Work a shift with your husband or send him in your place, either way YOU still get the extra commission for him volunteering! And please note, that husbands that help with loading or unloading only need to help 2 hours to get 5% or 4 hours to get 10% (this does count as one or two shifts for you if consigning)

Please review our Volunteer Guidelines before you commit to a shift.

Other Volunteer Benefits...

  • Consignors who also volunteer get 5% extra commission for shift(s) worked and registration fee refund when you do 2 or more shifts.

  • The maximum number of volunteer shifts paid on is 3. You may sign up for more but you will only receive a Pre-sale Pass for each additional shift. Of course if you've been to our sales before you know why getting a Pre-Sale pass is soooo worth it!!! You may earn additional commissions by referring friends to consign with us! You get 2% more for each friend that consigns at least 50 items with us! Check out our Referral Bonus Program!  (Earn up to 100% commission by volunteering  and referring friends!)
  • If you are participating in both the Wee-cycle Mart and the She-cycle Mart at the SAME location, you MUST volunteer at least 2 shifts (one in each store) Your commission will be SPLIT between the 2 sales. ​However, if you do 4 four hour shifts, you will receive 70% at BOTH sales and your $9 fee refunded. (otherwise, the $9 fee will not be refunded as you already receive the 2nd sale registration for free). Example. You do 2 shifts, you will receive 5% extra commission at BOTH sales, you do 3 shifts, you get 7.5% extra commission at BOTH sales, you do 4 shifts, you get 15% extra commission at BOTh sales and your $9 registration fee back. 

If you are not able to volunteer your time, consider bartering!  You don't get extra commission but it WILL get you in to shop 1st!


  •  If you know someone in the media and can get a story done about us on a local TV station or have a story printed about us in a local newspaper, you can earn one or two presale passes, depending on the coverage.

  • If you are willing to put our car magnets on your vehicle for 3-4 weeks prior to the event to help us advertise the sale, you will receive a presale pass.  There are only a limited number of these bartering opportunities available.

  • If you are willing to place 10 yard signs in your neighborhood or surrounding area advertising the sale, you will receive a presale pass.  There are only a limited number of these bartering opportunities available in different areas.  We will ask that you provide us with a list of locations where the signs have been placed. 

  • If you are willing to take 200 copies of our flyers to area daycare centers, churches, summer camps, schools, etc. you will receive a presale pass!  There are only a limited number of these bartering opportunities available in different areas.  We will ask that you provide us with a list of locations where the flyers have been left and an approximate number of flyers at each location. 

          If you have any other ideas to barter services for a pre-sale pass, let us know!!
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For Questions Email:  info@wee-cyclemart.com
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