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Reminder: The registration fee is NOT refundable or transferable.

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           Carroll        Anne Arundel       

Carroll County - Oct 19 - 21, 2018 - AG Center in Westminster

Anne Arundel County - Dec 14-16, 2018 - East Park Plaza

Welcome to our Registration and Tagging System

You have the choice to participate in:
1) Wee-cycle Mart only
2) She-cycle Mart only 
3) Wee-cycle Mart & She-cycle Mart

If you are participating in BOTH sales in SAME location, 
you will receive registration for the other sale for FREE! 
                                                1) Please register and pay registration fee for one sale. EARLY BIRD Registration is $6
                                                    ($12 regular fee of which $9 is refundable when you volunteer 2 or more shifts)
                                                2) Register for the OTHER sale and click "Pay by Check". 
                                                3) Then email us to manually activate you after you have registered for 2nd sale. 
                                                4) Sign up for ONE drop off time - doesn't matter which sale - if doing She-cycle, sign up there
                                                    as you will check-in/drop-off for both sales at the same time.
                                                5) Sign up for volunteer shifts - see below - if doing She-cycle Mart sign up there for 1 shift Min.

***If you are participating in both the Wee-cycle Mart and the She-cycle Mart at the SAME location - PLEASE READ**
 You MUST volunteer at least 1 SHIFT to participate/sell in BOTH sales AND to get 55% in both sales. If you can't volunteer at least 1 shift, you can only sell at one sale. If you volunteer 2 shifts, your commission will be 60% in both sales, if you volunteer 3 shifts, you will get 65% commission in both sales and if you ​volunteer 4 shifts, you will receive 70% at BOTH sales and fee (up to $9 is refunded, otherwise, fee will not be refunded as you already receive the 2nd sale registration for free).  Without volunteers, we are unable to organize these sales! Thank you for understanding!

If you are just doing ONE sale or the other, the regular volunteer terms apply. See website for details. 

If you are paying your Seller's registration fee by check vs. Paypal please write down this address and mail your check to:

BC Promotions, Inc.
10 Creek Side Court
Baltimore, MD 21220

Be sure to make your checks payable to: BC Promotions, Inc. and put the name of the sale and your seller # in the memo line. 
Please note you will not be able to start tagging until we have received check and manually activated you. 

For immediate tagging access, please use Paypal balance or by credit card through Paypal (eCheck through Paypal can take 5 or more days to clear so register early if using that option)
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New Users:
If you have never created a user account for any of our sales or with, please click on the NEW USER button to create an account and start entering your items. However, if you have previously created a user account with any of our sales or with, follow the steps under "Returning Users."

Returning Users: 
If you have used our system or before, you are a returning user, and you do not need to create a user account.

To Register with our sale, just click on the "Returning Consignor" button. The system will guide you through the registration process. Once you have finished the registration process, you will be forwarded to the system's main page.

To Volunteer Only: You will need to create an account if you do not have one. Use the appropriate link below - either NEW USER OR RETURNING USER - you will select Volunteer Only! (there is no fee to volunteer - just be sure to volunteer PRIOR to shopping the pre-sale)

Sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control, locations venue and/or dates may need to change prior to our event. Please check out Facebook Page and watch for emails from us. 
That is why we call our Sales by COUNTY not city/town as we have to move around.