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Double Referral Fees - Earn the highest commission rate of consignment stores/sales in Maryland!!

We are tired of giving away $1000's of dollars to magazines and newspapers to promote our sale. 
We want to give more back to our moms (consignors)! Essentially, pay YOU to advertise for us!!!!  
Here is how you can earn more at our sales!

  • Register for the sale(s) which you will be consigning. Pay $9 registration fee(s).
  • Email/call all the moms/grandmoms you know, your moms group, church friends,etc. 
  Sample Email (change spring to fall if needed)
  • Remind them to enter YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME under FRIEND when they register to consign.
  • You will earn 2% more commission of your sold items for 1st referral, 2% for 2nd referral, 2% for 3rd referral plus a 6% bonus - thus doubling your referral fees!  
  • Optional: You can still also earn 5% more for a 4 hour volunteer shift, or 10% more for two 4-hour shifts. 

For a total of 67%, 72% or 77% commission on YOUR sold items with volunteering and referring 3 friends!

You will also earn 2% on 4th referral, 2% of 5th referral, 2% on 6th referral with another 6% bonus!!! 
And so on up to 100% commission!!  So the more people you tell, then more commission you can earn!

The fine print:  Referrals must enter your FIRST and LAST Name under FRIEND when registering. No exceptions. Only the first person listed under FRIEND will get the referral credit. The referrals must be for the same sale which you are consigning. (sorry there is no way to track cross referrals) but you may consign at each location, refer 3 friends to EACH location and you will qualify for the bonus' at each sale!  Referrals must NOT have consigned with us in the past at any of our sales. Referrals must consign at MINIMUM of 100 items each to qualify for bonus; otherwise, no bonus will be paid-but you will receive the normal 2% referral fee instead (50 min items consigned). 
 Quick Drop Consignors are not eligible for Double Referral Fees.  Referrals must be 1st time consignors at our sales.

Consign with US!
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