Preparing & Tagging  -  Important!!  Please read to end!!!


Here are some guidelines to help as you prepare your items for the sale. 

We strongly suggest you set the price at 30% (or slightly less) of the retail value. Baby Equipment, Furniture and Large Indoor/Outdoor Toys usually sell for more and are in high demand. We usually have an abundance of 0-12 month sizes, so they should be priced a bit lower in order to sell. It is important that you not set your prices too high, the object is to make sure things sell! 

The better they look, the better they sell! Please take time to wash and iron your clothes if necessary. Please check for stains, broken zippers, torn hemlines, etc. We will be double checking at the sale and will not accept any item that is not in excellent condition. Use children's plastic hangers for sizes 8 and below. Use larger plastic hangers for juniors sizes and maternity. No metal hangers, please! Plastic hangers can be purchased at discount stores and some even give them away if you ask! We do give consignors hangers back at pick-up to those that consignors that also volunteered.

We do not accept items with stains no matter what you price it! PLEASE check thoroughly for stains, especially white pieces and around the collars of the smaller sizes! We will be checking for stains upon drop-off. Please do not be offended if we find items with stains! We want our shoppers to know that they are getting quality items! We are not a yard sale!

See What to Sell for what is accepted at the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer sales!

Please group items together so that they will equal a value of at least $2.00. They may be
pinned together on a hanger, or grouped together in Ziploc bags. For example, if you have 
some small toys to sell, put 3-4 together in a bag! 

We strongly recommend that all pants be pinned to a hanger or a pant/skirt hanger,
NOT folded over, as they tend to end up on the floor. Please do not jam a hanger in a pair 
of pants. It will ruin the pants and they will look terrible.  2" safety pins work best for pinning
pants on hanger as they go over the plastic hanger best. Make sure they are pinned as shown and they do not slide left so they don't slide to one side of hanger. 

If you are selling a set, top and bottom, the best way to do this is to put them on separate 
hangers and rubberband the hangers together. This will make it very clear that they go 
together. The items must be visible without taking them off the hanger, otherwise everything 
ends up on the floor OR you may hang the shirt on the hanger as you normally would then 
turn it over to the back and pin the pants on the outside of the shirt and run pin through 
the shirt, catching the hanger also. This allows the shopper to see the pants easily and 
prevents the pants from coming apart from the outfit.  Please only attach one barcoded tag 
to the set as to not confuse the shopper.

For items that have matching accessories (hats, booties, etc.): Either pin the item to the hanging garment using a 1 inch or larger safety pin or place the item(s) in a Ziploc style bag and pin the bag to the hanging item.  Please take special precautions to ensure these items do not come loose from the hanger. 

NO UNDERWEAR/BRAS - unless it is new and in the package!

We will have a special rack for your BOUTIQUE Children's clothes. This is allow you to get top dollar for those outfits that were purchased at Boutiques. These brands include but are not limited to: Hartstrings, Baby LuLu, Cache Cache, Lilly Pulitzer, Anavini, Hanna Anderson, Baby Sarah, Nick Nack Patty Wack, Flap Happy, and Sarah Louise.  Please keep your Boutique items separate, this will make drop off much easier.  If we feel your item is not Boutique quality, it will be moved to our regular racks at our discretion. Thank you for your understanding!

We will do accept Children's sizes up to 20 and Junior sizes.  However, We are only accepting NAME BRAND Junior clothes including prom gowns and junior formal dresses. No Walmart or Target brands or adult sizes. Must be current styles.  Teens are picky so please only bring appropriate items!

Sporting Gear
Sporting gear sells well, as mentioned before, please price appropriately. If there are balls that go with an item, put in Ziploc backs and tape together with clear packing tape. As with all shoes, cleats and sporting shoes must be in good condition and clean. SPRING/SUMMER sale only: Boating/swimming gear is very desirable. Make sure lifejackets are in good working order and dry suits and spraytops cannot have tears.  FALL/WINTER sale only: Sleds, Skis, Ice skates & other snow toys are accepted.

Please only bring your like-new shoes! Due to the way we display our shoes on racks and NOT in bins, we prefer that you use ZIP TIES (cable ties) or string to TIE the shoes together so that they can sit side by side on the shelf. This will keep them from being separated. Then pin the tag through the tie or laces.  Tap and dance shoes are very desirable.

It is best to package a bedding set together in its original clear plastic bag with zipper. These can also be purchased at discount stores, or re-use the ones you have at home from recently purchased bedding. (those new Ziplock big bags are great for this!)

Hang and pin blankets over hangers so that shoppers can see them. If they are small receiving blankets, group 2 or 3 together in a Ziploc bag and seal with clear plastic tape. Safety pin tag to Ziploc bag. Loose Items Bibs, rattles, socks, bows, etc group together appropriately in Ziploc bags. Seal with clear packing tape. Pin OR tape tag to Ziploc bag - no NOT put tape over barcode. It also helps to write your consignor code on the Ziploc with a Sharpee in case the tag comes off during the sale. 

Please use painters tape on books if possible or put puts in bundles in zip lock bags. Do not put tag inside bag.

Dvd's, Cd's, Video Games
Please be sure the correct disk in is the case. Please check for excessive scratches and make sure they work. DO NOT tape the case closed at this time. Please bring your CLEAR tape to tape case shut AFTER inspection. 

Toys, Furniture, Equipment
Must be clean and in working order (WORKING batteries included). Small parts must be bagged and attached to the main part very securely. If parts get separated it will not sell. Games should be taped closed. Puzzles, books, videos and small toys should be grouped accordingly and put in Ziploc bags. Secure with clear packing tape tag to the Ziploc bag. It is also good to write your consignor number and info on the Ziploc bag with a Sharpee in case the tag comes off. Puzzles should be wrapped securely in clear Saran wrap to keep the pieces intact. We do not accept plush animals (stuffed animals), they do not sell unless they are battery operated like Tickle Me! Elmo.

TOYS NOT PACKAGED APPROPRIATELY WILL BE TURNED AWAY. When tagging large toys it is best to also attach a piece of masking tape to the toy with your consignor information. This will enable us to sell your toy even if the tag comes off! 

Diaper Pails and Potty Training Items
We WILL be selling diaper genies, diaper pails, potty training rings and little potties. HOWEVER, they MUST be clean! Please wash them with a bleach solution thoroughly. Any items which are not clean will not be accepted at drop-off.

Car Seats 
Your car seat must have been manufactured within the past five years. Please check for date stamped on bottom.  It must not be subject to recall or have been in an accident. All seat covers and straps must be thoroughly cleaned. Car seats will be closely inspected for safety reasons. Mark the expiration date on your consignor tag please!


To tag your items you will need some supplies:
  • Child sized plastic hangers for clothing - no wire hangers
  • Adult sized plastic hangers for juniors and maternity only - no wire hangers
  • White cardstock 60-67lb. (no copy paper - it doesn't hold up)
  • Safety pins at least 1.5 inch in size, 2 inch is preferred! (no straight pins - they can easily come loose) or tagging gun is acceptable but it can put unnecessary holes in garments to please be careful if using a gun
  • Packing tape for attaching tags to toys, books etc. (no scotch tape) 
  • Large Ziploc-type bags (to pack shoes and groups of toys together)

Place all garments on hangers with the hook facing to the left 
(so it looks like a question mark). If you have a set, safety pin the set together
before placing on the hanger to ensure they stay together. Keep those cute hats, 
booties, and pants with their partners! You may also put those cute extras in a 
Ziploc-bag and attach bag securely to hanger.   

Attach your tag when looking at the garment to top right of each garment 
with a 1 inch or larger safety pin or tagging gun.  If using a tagging gun, it is 
best to put the needle through the shoulder seam as it not damage the garment. 
You can also put it through the sizing tag if the item is very delicate.   

Toys and equipment should be securely tagged with packing tape across the top third 
of the tag and do NOT place tape over the barcode.  Items containing small parts 
may be placed in a Ziploc-type bag with the tag taped on the top third of the tag to 
the outside of the bag.  Do NOT put tape on top of barcode.

If your item has more than one piece (infant seat, stroller combo), you can print out
a tag for each piece. The first one will have the PRICE and should be place on the
piece that is the most visible.  You can then print additional tags with a $0 price to 
attach to the additional pieces. They WILL have different ITEM numbers.  We 
recommend that in the first description line you enter 1 of 2 on the first tag and 2 of 2
on the second. This will ensure the customer that they have all pieces should they get
separated. See photos for examples.

If the tag has fallen off,  Wee-cycle Mart cannot sell items, or return them to you if unsold.

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In the example, the baby doll infant carrier will sit in the doll highchair. The infant carrier has the tag with the PRICE on it. It highchair as a tag with a $0.00 price 

Its hard to see but the first line of description reads:
Graco part 2 of 2 on the top tag photo
and Graco part 1 of 2 on the bottom tag photo.

DO NOT PUT ANY MARKINGS OF ANY KIND ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE TAG. (that includes stickers, stamps, hole punch etc) Shoppers WILL mistake those for 50% off dots. 

Please print off 
 Consignor Check off List and bring with you to the