Wee-cycle Mart Commission Schedule - Earn up to 100% commission!
Registration fee is $11 per sale and is not transferrable or refundable (unless you volunteer  - see below)

Consignment Option #1:  You earn:
  • 55% - You Hang Tag, and Drop items off at sale (Tues & Wednesday before sale by appointment)

When you volunteer YOU GET extra commission:
  • 60% - You (or your mom/dad/husband)  work 1 four hour volunteer shift (plenty of shifts to choose from - before, during or after the sale)
  • 65% - You  (or your mom/dad/husband) work 2 four hour volunteer shifts + $9 OF REGISTRATION FEE BACK
  • 70% - You (or your mom/dad/husband) work 3 four hour volunteer shifts + $9 OF REGISTRATION FEE BACK
* 3 shifts max (12 hours) for extra commission - you may work more than 3 shifts and you will receive a Pre-Sale Pass for each shift worked to share with friends!! No limit!!
(your friend must be new consignor with us and consign at least 50 items with the sale in which you are consigning and they must choose FRIEND under How You Heard About Us and enter YOUR First and Last name for you to receive credit! Only the first person listed receives credit.

So refer 9 friends and work 3 shifts at the sale and you will earn 100% in commission!

PLEASE NOTE: ***If you are participating in both the Wee-cycle Mart and the She-cycle Mart at the SAME location - PLEASE READ**
 You MUST volunteer at least 1 SHIFT to participate/sell in BOTH sales AND to get 55% in both sales. If you can't volunteer at least 1 shift, you can only sell at one sale. If you volunteer 2 shifts, your commission will be 60% in both sales, if you volunteer 3 shifts, you will get 65% commission in both sales and if you ​volunteer 4 shifts, you will receive 70% at BOTH sales and $9 of fee refunded. (otherwise, fee will not be refunded as you already receive the 2nd sale registration for free). Without volunteers, we are unable to organize these sales! Thank you for understanding!

Pick-up Option:
  • You hang, and tag and we will pick up your items prior to sale and STORE them for you until the sale.
  • Pick up available:  pick-up at our discretion and by appointment only
Carroll County area​
Anne Arundel County - Annapolis to Glen Burnie AND 
East Baltimore County - Dundalk around Beltway to Towson
Harford County/Cecil County - off 95 
  • $15 flat fee per pick up (taken out of commissions)  

So start hanging and tagging now and get those items out of your house!!! It feels soooo good!

Consignment Option #2 (Quick Drop Option):   Drop offs are being accepted NOW and stop 2 weeks before the start of each sale.  Please don't wait til last minute!!! 
  • You drop off your items to us & we do the rest!  We even provide the Hangers, Pins and Cardstock!!! 
  • Five Drop off locations - Westminster, Pasadena, Ft. Meade, Bel Air & Middle River (White Marsh) 
  • Or you can contact us for Pick-Up! ($15 flat fee per pickup taken out of commissions) 
  • You get 30% commission on items sold. ($11 registration fee will be taken out of commission check - you CAN still volunteer 2 shift to get $9 refunded and 5% more commission for up to 3 shfits)
  • Put your ALL your clothing items on your own hangers get an extra 5% commission! (must follow our hanging guidelines under consignor info - if not done correctly you forfeit the extra 5%)
  • Refer friends to consign with us (min. of 50 items each) and earn up to 85% commission! See referral program above.
  • All items must be current season, freshly laundered, no stains, no pet hair or smoke/musty smell.  Should you give us anything that is UNACCEPTALBE it will be DONATED and NOT RETURNED. Please go through your things prior to drop-off/pick-up. We only want your BEST STUFF! 
  • All Quick Drop Consignors MUST participate in 50% off Day and Donate unsold items.  Quick Drop only: We WILL transfer your unsold items to the next sale of same season for a storage/transfer fee of $15 per sale + the normal $11 registration fee (taken out of commissions at end)  At the end of the season or sale, all unsold items will be donated.   No Exceptions. 

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For Questions Email:  info@wee-cyclemart.com

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