NEW Spring 2016!

  • We have a new VIP Text program at the sale! Everytime you 
        shop L@@K for the table usually in the check out line! 
  • Be sure to Enter to Win our $50 Gift Certificate drawing and 
       checkin EACH AND EVERY time as every 4th visit gets you
       a REWARD! Rewards will vary! 

  • We now have Video tutorials for new consignors! Watch for email after you register. 

  • REVISED Commission Structure for those participating in both Wee-cycle Mart and She-cycle Mart sales at same location: 
***If you are participating in both the Wee-cycle Mart and the She-cycle Mart at the SAME location - PLEASE READ**
 You MUST volunteer at least 1 SHIFT to participate/sell in BOTH sales AND to get 55% in both sales. If you can't volunteer at least 1 shift, you can only sell at one sale. If you volunteer 2 shifts, your commission will be 60% in both sales, if you volunteer 3 shifts, you will get 65% commission in both sales and if you ​volunteer 4 shifts, you will receive 70% at BOTH sales and your $9 fee refunded. (otherwise, the $9 fee will not be refunded as you already receive the 2nd sale registration for free). Without volunteers, we are unable to organize these sales! Thank you for understanding!

  • REMINDER: the registration fee is NOT refundable or transferable under any circumstance.

  • We will still be offering Friday restocking for consignors. 

  • The week of the sale, tagging system will remain open til Thursday at 3pm for those that want to restock on Friday. It is free to restock if you dropped off on Tues and Wed and enter your items by 3pm Thurs. If you need more time to enter you may also register for a Re-stocker for fee of $5. 

  • If you are new you can register up until Friday as a re-stocker for reduced fee of $5 and can enter until 6pm Friday. 

  • The first step in helping us promote the sale and get more shoppers is to "like" our page on Facebook!

  • We will no longer be accepting clothing in bags. EXCEPT onesies, socks, tights, etc. You must put clothes on hangers. We have found the bag clothes DO NOT SELL well, get opened and just make a mess on our floor

  • Shoes also should NOT be put in bags. Please tie the shoes together with string, zip tie (cable ties) and pin the tag on. This way they should still be able to try them on without ripping the bag.

  • Make sure pants are pinned on so that they don't SLIDE to one side. These do not sell as they get stuffed in the rack and are never seen. Take a few extra minutes and pin them on so that they don't slide.

  • Please do not tape Dvds or bags clothes until AFTER they have been inspected at drop off. Bring clear tape with you to seal at check-in. 

  • Please note we DO NOT have ANY LIMITS on amount of items you can bring, except out of season Maternity clothes are limited to 10 per consignor unless they are new with tags.  

  • If you have more than 500+ items you must select a drop off time on Tuesday 2-8 or Wed BEFORE 5pm.  This includes if you are dropping off Quick Drops, if all items combined more then 500, please drop off BEFORE 5pm on Wednesday. You may select more then 1 drop off time now in case you can't fit it all in your car in one trip,

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